End Covid Lockdown deception, Demand a Referendum now!

End Covid Lockdown deception, Demand a Referendum now!

The President of South Africa, Cyril Ramaphosa declared a national State of Disaster in March 2020 based on an alleged deadly virus called Sars-Cov2 that causes a disease called Covid-19. This declaration resulted in the limitation of several rights of the people of South Africa. The President failed to provide proof of the alleged deadly virus and thus he is in breach of his Constitutional obligation to ensure that limitations of the Bill of rights are reasonable and justifiable.

We are approaching the Constitutional Court for a case of State Capture against the Executive, Legislature and SARB.

Executive: they declared and implemented a national State of Disaster without reason and justification.

Legislature: they failed to keep the Executive accountable when the declaration was made and during subsequent extension of the State of Disaster

SARB: they financed the national State of Disaster without verifying the validity thereof.

We intend to seek voluntary resignation of the Executive, Legislature and the governors of SARB; should they fail to do so, the ConCourt must order the President to hold a Referendum on the vote of no confidence on the above respondents.

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Rights 7. (1) This Bill of Rights is a cornerstone of democracy in South Africa. It enshrines the rights of all people in our country and affirms the democratic values of human dignity, equality and freedom. (2) The state must respect, protect, promote and fulfil the rights in the Bill of Rights.

If there is no isolated & purified virus, then there is no justification for the State to take away or limit our rights. Grab this opportunity to reclaim your Constitutional rights!
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Belinda Elgin 05.11.2021 at 23:56
Vaccines should be by informed consent..free choice, forcing it onto people is wrong.
There are highly effective other treatments that are being supressed for some reason.
Mzwakhe Dlamini 05.11.2021 at 22:55
Let there be peace
Adriaan Cowan 05.11.2021 at 22:07
No mandatory vaccines
Masks and shit must stop
No more lockdowns
Fuad Moosa 05.11.2021 at 22:05
I as a citizen of RSA will resist being forced to be vaccinated against my own free will and my inalienable right of choice that is entrenched in this countries constitution and in the universal common law. No more masks and restrictions on our freedom of choice and movement…End this farcical lockdown and open our economy in order for employment to flourish!
Johan van Schalkwyk 05.11.2021 at 22:01
If you claim the virus exists, it should be easy to proove it. We do not ask a lot.

Show us you are telling the truth!
Susan Cowan 05.11.2021 at 21:58
This Covid nonsense.lockdown must stop.
Deidre Van Eck 05.11.2021 at 20:49
End the lockdown! NO masks! No mandatory vaccines!!!
Henk janse van Rensburg 05.11.2021 at 19:37
End the Lockdown an Vaxxine should be completely voluntary. And no masks. Show us the Virus.God bless you Mr Maarman
Stacey Lee Trickett 05.11.2021 at 19:21
End the lock down. Vaccinations should be completely voluntary.
Marike Naude 05.11.2021 at 17:34
Choice equals freedom
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